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It’s that time of year again, when people everywhere will be making resolutions to improve themselves over the coming year. Why leave Fido out of the loop? Here are five New Years resolutions you can make for your pet:


1. Consider Trying a New Activity with Your Pet
Do you like exploring new places? Consider taking your pup hiking with you! If you have an exercise goal – why not include Fido in the fun?
2. Spice up your pet’s life!
Enrichment can really improve your pet’s life. Make a resolution to help improve their day to day experience. There are so many ways to do this, from adding variety to their diets (when appropriate), to new toys, or even changing toys they already have – rotating out ones that have been in play awhile and replacing with old forgotten toys. Puzzle feeders are a great way to get your cat or dog more involved with meal times
3. Clicker training
Clicker training is a positive reinforcement based training method that uses a sound marker (clicker) to signal the pet they’ve done something you want, and can be used to train all sorts of fun things. Its fun, it’s quick, it’s easy, and it can really change your life, and your pet’s. For more information, and tutorials see
4. Diet tune up
The new year is often a time for people to look at their own dietary consumption, and make vows to eat healthier. Check out your pet’s diet – is it everything it should be? Are you possibly over feeding? Try making sure you measure every meal, and think about ways you could improve your pup’s nutritional state – does your vet recommend any supplements, a better diet choice? Think about it, and see what improvements you could make – even if that’s just giving a better quality treat
5. Veterinary Check in
Your pet should see a veterinarian for a basic checkup at least once a year. This helps your veterinarian stay on top of any health issues that may develop as your pet ages, so they can make recommendations to you for adjusting your routines and home care to provide the best quality care. Many conditions are quite manageable if caught early, and a once a year check-in with your veterinarian is a great way to make that happen.